Who we are

Advice Ltd is an international company dealing with business information worldwide. Our company is able to provide information to market decision-makers around the world to guide business choices to the most performing goals. Our clients are basically:
- Banks, investment funds, financial institutions and insurance companies
- Industrial, commercial, construction and pharmaceutical companies
- National and supranational institutions

Domestic market and the global one require increasingly complex information to deal with articulated business.

Product and Service

Advice Ltd offers to its target business relationships and creditworthiness reports to evaluate individual operations or global businesses in order to protect the debt risk or to assess the profitability of certain investments.

Financial Accounting Advisory Services

ADVICE Ltd is organized to provide support to companies who need an advisor t who can handle multidisciplinary legal, administrative, accounting, tax and IT matters in order to carry out certain business activities. We are able to evaluate profitability, finance, risk and business impacts for individual business or entire business aggregates.

    Advice Ltd is able to support the customers for:
  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Transaction Services
  • Information Risk Management
  • Opinions of economic and financial congruence on individual transactions
  • Industrial plans and pro-forma financial information
  • Transition to IAS/IFRS
  • Assistance in the Management Control System
  • Control Systems on Financial Reporting

Tools for foreign trade

Using important partnerships with international operators, Advice Ltd is able to support its customers aiming to face the global market in a competitive manner , reducing their exposure to credit risk. Through the availability of high quality information, quickly accessible, we’re able to investigate the national and international performance of the subject , avoiding unnecessary delays for our client’s business. In order to facilitate the Reading of International Business Reporting, we have created a uniform International Scoring System. Through a series of algorithms you can compare companies across the globe by making the same metric available. The scoring system makes easy to read and compare credit reports even for non-resident companies in the same country

Information reports deeping

For each customer is possible to ask for in-depth reports by requesting specific commercial information intended to take possession of. Because of our extensive network of partnerships and international relations, we are able to provide accurate and detailed information.

Customer and supplier management

Customer search is an extremely complex activity for a company and it needs to be accompanied by a careful assessment of the risk and constant monitoring of the acquired record. Using the services of Advice Ltd , our client can mitigate the supply chain risks while at the same time optimize the costs and activities needed for a company that wants to diversify customers and suppliers. Checking and qualifying customers and suppliers to knowingly choose the most trusted partners for different product categories is a must for a company that has long-term goals.

Credit tools

For banks or financial companies involved in providing funding, Advice Ltd offers a range of credit reports for customer satisfaction with regard to the single transaction. Companies are able to access, through balance sheets, information helpful to evaluate the solvency of their trading partners, in order to protect themselves from risky operations.
These tools provide detailed information:

  • A) On members, executives and corporate representatives
  • B) On the client's general and special credit rating, with the credit limit indication;
  • C) Various kinds of prejudices (judicial and commercial);
  • D) Monitoring for relevant customer variations